K G Tiles are tough, durable and elegant. Permanent gesture of colours requires zero maintenance. The tiles are manufactured under strict quality controls. Besides the standards laid down as per i.si. Specifications 1237-1980, the practical experience of 60 years have also been added to make the super quality. using the latest machineries and technology developed so far we use some other processes and components which are required for cement compactions like mechanical and pneumatic vibrators, compressors etc.the comparative charts of the quality standards given below are self explanatory :

K G Tiles
ISI Specifications
0.75% AV.
2% Max
2. Water Absorption
4.70% AV.
10% Max
3. Straightness
0.42% AV.
1% Max
4. Abrasion resistance
0.79mm Av.
3.5mm av
5. Wet trans. strength
7.90N/mm2 Av.
3.0N/mm2 Av

The tiles are made with the combinations of vibration and hydraulic pressure using several types of cement admixtures and plasticisers in the square and rectangular sizes ranging from 200mm X 200mm to 400mm X 400mm, hexagonal sizes of 400mm and triangular sizes of 400mm